June 07, 2009

Gold-Eating Fish

A Hawaii resident of ELEELE, tells a very weird fish tale: A reef fish measuring only 10 inches was caught by hand in shallow waters by Curt Carish, and the fish hours later coughed out a still ticking gold watch.

The story goes like this: Curt said he was enjoying a picnic on Port Allen beach when he saw a fish awkwardly swimming close to the shore´s shallow waters. His friend gave him a bamboo stick and told him to get the fish to see what was wrong. Curt went into the waist-high water and hit the fish until it fainted.

When Curt caught it he was surprised to notice that the fish´s belly was unusually large, so he decided to toss it into a cooler. Some hours later he was even more surprised when a gold watch appeared next to its mouth. Apparently the fish coughed up the watch while it was in the cooler. Carish said the watch was still ticking and keeping correct time.

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